Astier and Jeanne A.

When I had dinner at the Hidden Kitchen a couple of months back, I met a couple who raved about Astier and Jeanne A. I remembered the American woman telling me the 3 good reasons to go to Astier:

1. the generous cheese platter plunked on your table where you can eat as much as you want

2. the wine cellar with bottles dating as far back as the 1970s

3. the bistro feel – even though the portions have diminished in size

So off we go to see what Astier has to bring. But my reservation is at 8 pm and it’s only about 6.30 pm…what to do in the meantime? Right before entering the vintage 1950s wood-paneled dining room is the very modern and sleek Jeanne A (Astier’s very own epicerie offering classic comfort food to stay and to go.

Inside the store, you’re met with a counter full of charcuterie goodies

There’s also the rest of the store featuring artisanal goods

Sitting outside on a beautiful day couldn’t get any better with a nice bottle of Pouilly-Fume, chorizos and saucisson called Jesus.

With a changement de direction, Astier is back on the map with a spiffy rôtisserie and good traditional french food. The prix-fixe menu sits at  €35 and you can choose from four to five selections in each category.

Our meal was accompanied by a very light 2009 Saint-Veran bottle from Bourgogne.


Presse de tête de veau aux legumes confits, sauce tartare

Foie gras de canard poelé, endives crues et cuites en salade


Cabillaud a la plancha, mousseline coco de Nice au thym, oignons frits

Poitrine de cochon fermier a l’etuvée, navets glacées et betteraves confites

The star of the show at Astier, is without a doubt, the massive cheese plate. With hardly no room for it on the table, the platter is shoved right in front of your face and all you have to do is dive right in. Your neighbors are stunned at what’s coming at them at the end of their meal. There were great choices (and I am not a Cheese fan myself) which included Époisses, Salers, Brie de Meaux, a fine, ripe Camembert, and a sheep’s milk cheese.

You have to go through dessert to get to the end and I was already stuffed.


Tarte fine au chocolat et aux noisettes, mousse au chocolat blanc (milk chocolate tart with white chocolate mousse)

Pomme Golden rotie, crumble croustillant, glace vanille maison (Roasted golden apple with crumble and home-made vanilla ice-cream)

It was an enjoyable dinner though the 20 minute wait for dessert took off some points. The busier it gets, the slower the service as well and the less attention they pay to their customers. But an overall good meal, I was a little sorry to leave but happy about the much-needed walk I had during the day that could balance off the cheeses.

Astier is open seven days a week though Jeanne A closes Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Astier and Jeanne A.

44 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011
Metro: Parmentier (Ligne 3)
Tel: 01 43 57 16 35


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  1. Roberto says:

    Omg! I could die in these cheese platter!


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