Got Mylk?

Got Mylk? I do. If I could, I would go to this high-end dairy place put together by 2 Parisians. The spot provides freshly made yoghurt made from super premium milk straight from the Ferme de Viltain. You choose the size of the yoghurt cup (between small and large) and then choose toppings according to your whims: fresh fruits like mango or strawberries, muesli, granola, crumble, chocolate chips, mini-macaron, milk jam….

There’s also choices between cookies, and pastries…but I’ll stick to the yoghurt.

One Yoghurt with Mango and Strawberry

The other with crumble and caramel

This place reminded me of Pinkberry and Red Mango in New York city, but this was less sweeter and you can tell they made it the very same day…none of this industrial or mass-produced yoghurt.

As you enter, you’re met with a bright blue kitchen with a tea salon and vintage furniture.

You can sit on the plush couches or have take-out. Unfortunately there’s no outdoor seating but you can watch passerbys stare into this small store while you enjoy your fresh yoghurt.

The signature dessert? Ice cream creations and « Kusmi Tea » detox cakes. Very refreshing.

It Mylk

15 Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie
75006 Paris

Metro: Odeon (Ligne 4, 10)
Tel: 01 43 26 84 13

One Response to “Got Mylk?”
  1. Roberto says:

    Should be very good in this sunny days 😉

    I wanna go there!

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