Just let go and put yourself in the hands of Pierre Jancou (food-wise and yes wine-wise); formerly from Racines and now proud owner of Vivant, his new venture in the cool and hip 10th arrondissement. Pierre himself greets clients, takes their orders and even has the time for a small chat. He’s very well-versed in every wine and every ingredient he serves at Vivant and what he recommends does not disappoint one bit. After leaving Racines, he spent a year in the South and decided to come back to open a very small and personal wine bar nearby African hairdressing shops and small hipster bars.

Vivant, means alive and it fits Jancou’s wine bar perfectly as it reflects his wine makers, the wines itself and the clients that buy them. What’s great about these wines is that they are untreated, remain artisanal where the vinification process occurs without adding common ingredients like yeast.

V is for Vivant

Perfectly recommended by the Chef and not too heavy on the wallet either.

If I was walking in this same district, I wouldn’t have even noticed Vivant. Absolutely nothing special about the decor – leaving it as he bought it – something I have been seeing more and more and loving; there’s not even a sign or a name plate to identify the restaurant. You just have to know.

Marble floors, mercury mirrors, a glass skylight, a vintage coffee machine and a Berkel ham slicer. The walls are adoring with Gilardoni brother tiles, keeping up with the 1903 glory that reveals the original bird shop that it once stood.

Behind the bar…

Aaaah there’s that knife again!

From the daily menu:

Planche de Jambon de Parme (Jancou gave us some lard de colonata to try along too….O.M.G) with some salt, pepper and nutmeg.

I think I cried of happiness…

An empty planche after 3 minutes…

Terrine d’osso-buco a l’orange (terrine of osso-buco with orange)

A beautiful texture and taste

Noix d’Angus Rossim (Angus beef from Scotland topped with foie gras). What an awesome combination!

Just stare…

You can be sure that you’ll relax and be taking care of with generous portions, a good bottle of wine and a happy stomach. That’s exactly what Jancou expects.

After this dish, Jancou came by and asked how his suggestions were; I told him how much I loved meat and pork and I was so delighted by the meal that I would be happy if this was my last meal in Paris that day. He chuckled and agreed. “It’s grease like you can’t believe”.

I have come to appreciate more small restaurants like Vivant and I expect to see much more in the coming future. It’s all about market menu, good food with natural wine and your enjoyment shared with great people – at the end of the day that’s all that matters. To be honest, out of all the ones I have visited, hands down that Vivant beats them all.

You don’t need a reservation to come here, but it is small and I am sure at night, it gets very busy. With all the raves it’s been getting from David Leibovitz, John Talbott and the likes, I am not surprised at all. But not to worry, you can always squeeze in into the bar, grab a glass of natural wine and stand outside with random neighbors enjoying the experience that is Vivant.


43, Rue des petites Ecuries, 75010

Tel: 01 42 46 43 55

Metro: Bonnes Nouvelles (Ligne 9)

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  1. R. says:

    Lunch to die for…. 🙂 really liked it!

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