Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink

(Gen-u-ine) [jen-yoo-in] – adjective: authentic; real; free; free from pretense; affection or hypocrisy; sincerity

This is what chef/owner Michael Schwartz envisions at Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink; an indoor-outdoor restaurant at the heart of Miami’s Design district. For him, it’s about food that comes from heart, not haute cuisine. It was also from hearth, that is the wood-fired oven that most of the meals come out from including lamp chops, seabass, mushroom pizza and the cave-aged Gruyère.

The decor is modern and sleek. It’s possible to eat outside the restaurant but if it’s too cold (but very unlikely in Miami), you sit inside; though it is a bit dark and made difficult to see the menu.

Outside Michael’s

As you walk in, there’s a beautiful bar

The restaurant is divided into 2 main dining rooms

On the menu, there’s a daily change of small ($8-$11), medium ($9-$15), large ($16-$27), and extra-large ($31-$44) plates where each are unique in their own right and are all using ingredients from local and small farmers and producers.

Since Michael’s Genuine (as the name goes by) opened four years ago (wow, time flies), it emerged as part of the farm-to-table trend. It’s all about sourcing local ingredients, treating with respect and serving simply. When I was here last year, Michael’s Genuine was cited as Miami’s top restaurant. I understood why.

House salad – swank farm lettuce, pickled local mineola, shaved fennel, local radish, champagne vinaigrette

The champagne vinaigrette was definitely a first.


Crispy pig ear marinated with herbs

They were very addictive, almost like fries! Would love to see them in other restaurants.

Crispy sweet and spicy pork belly – kimchi, crushed peanuts, paradise farms pea shoots

Sweet-and-spicy pork belly with kimchi explode with unlikely but satisfying flavor

Chargrilled octopus – salad of gigande beans, roasted peppers, green olives and torn herbs

Unfortunately a bit too dry for my liking.

Crispy rice cake – florida rock shrimp, chorizo, spicy tomato aioli, manchego, pns farm pullet egg

It reminded me of a chinese rice cake. Unfortunately, could not taste the rock shrimp but it went very well with the egg yolk that melted on the cake when broken. Very moist and not dry at all.

Wood oven-roasted whole local snapper – fennel, grilled lemon, smoked fleur de sel, fennel pollen

Very smoky, could really taste the wood-fire. The fish was moist and went well with the olive oil and fleur de sel on the table.

It was after all, a 3-pound fish!

Though I thought my first experience there was much better, and I felt that since then, it has change in value and relies more on Asian ingredients. Nevertheless, it still attracts a young and hip crowd and I can see why they come here to get a taste of something genuine, compared to many restaurants in Miami.

Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink

130 Northeast 40th Street, 33137
Website: http://www.michaelsgenuine.com
Tel: (305) 573-5550

One Response to “Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink”
  1. Roberto says:

    Loved the fish dish! 🙂

    Again, nice writting… Lov to read your posts, I’m a big fan!

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