Spicy Joint 辛香汇

Spicy Joint is not for the faint of the tongue. Take the name of the restaurant to heart. It’s Spicy…very spicy. So spicy it numbs your mouth and you stand there trying to speak but the words just do not come out right. There must be an explanation for all the fuss over Spicy Joint, with its the long lines and the seemingly endless engaged signal you get whenever you try and call the reservation number. Really, how is it that a low-cost restaurant chain with plain decor and brusque service can inspires such pandemonium?

The restaurant is huge. Physically, it takes up the entire fifth floor of an unlikely office building (very common in Shanghai) and packs so many people in this space. Food-wise its reputation is a bastion for Sichuan food and you can understand why after trying. 

Here Sichuan peppercorn-laden water boiled fish is king…and addictive.   

People come at all times, take a number and wait…wait…wait…until their number is called.

Holding on to our numbers…

But as you look at this tiny city of people, you ask yourself how they manage the kitchen? Are they assigned to one dish or one preparation?

Most probably. One guy prepares the spicy water for 5 hours…Poor guy. What was ordered:

Braised spicy pig’s feet…and boy were they spicy!

Leafy vegetable with sesame paste

Red Spinach

Sichuan spicy water boiled fish – here catfish 水煮魚

Delicate and tender white fish showcases the hot and numbing effects of the chillies and “hua jiao” Sichuan peppercorns. So good, yet the more you eat, the more it numbs your tongue and entire mouth…eat with caution

Braised spare ribs and shredded turnip in Pork bone soup with corn – thank god, to cool things down

Alongside some cold home-made ice-tea

Another one…at this point, my mouth was tingling.

Fish fillet in hot chili oil (in the menu its titled as happy fish)

Wait…another one? Yes…Boiled fish in tomato sauce. This was not spicy at all and did not have much taste after the previous 2 numbing experiences.

Smoked tea duck

And of course dessert: Glutinous rice dumplings in fermented rice wine. A childhood favorite:

The chili and Sichuan peppercorn-laden dishes at Spicy Joint are divinely addictive and in high demand and will remain to be so in the future. Come here for an equally local, and unforgettable tongue-numbing experience.

Spicy Joint 辛香汇

Multiple locations: Multiple locations, 4/F, Dabaishu Creative Garden, 930 Quyang Lu, near Handan Lu and Tengke Lu 曲阳路930号大柏树创意园4楼, 近邯郸路, 腾克路 +86 21 

Tel: 6470-2777

Website: http://www.xinxianghui.com/


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