Home creations: Next step

I thought it has been a while since I last prepared dishes that inspired me. I have been to so many restaurants, that I come to be more creative with my own ideas and felt the need to try them out along with different types of techniques in the comfort of my own home.

Today, I took the initiative to stir up a couple of ingredients together from what was available in the market. Though the end of spring is near, there is still a wide selection of seasonal produce such as Asparagus, both green and white.

I decided to use it raw, steamed, fried and mixed but I did not want it to be the main actor of the dish, rather an accompaniment and I felt that it played its part in today’s culinary creations. This is what came out at the end of the day:

Pan-fried Seabass, Cream of White Asparagus and St. Jacques scallops confit

Thinly sliced white asparagus adorns the pan-fried seabass. The puree is a mixture of cooked white asparagus and scallops confit.

Beautiful crispy skin

Monkfish wrapped in Parma Ham, Cream of Green Asparagus

Version 1:

Version 2:

Both versions make the dish’s appeal completely different. What do you prefer?

Monkfish cooked sous-vide with dried herbs, White Asparagus

The monkfish tail was cooked sous-vide for 1 hour with Cedric Casanova olive oil, sea salt and dried herbs
Final presentation:
I particularly like the lovely dots of olive oil surrounding the fish and white asparagus.
The next step for me is to create more dishes: to learn for myself, to have the chance to experiment and play around with ideas and to evolve as a Chef in general.
Stay tuned for more culinary creations!

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