Behind the Pantheon in the 5th arrondissement and overcrowded with students from nearby high schools and universities, sits Christophe; a quaint restaurant holding 20 covers in what appears to be your run-in-the-mill bistro. You wouldn’t enter this restaurant unless someone vouched for it. 


The Chef, Christophe Philippe, is a stickler for good and fresh ingredients and he makes sure you know it. In the beginning of the menu, he shares with you the fine producers who have helped produce the meal.

With such high quality of ingredients, one would expect to pay the price. But that’s what shocked me the most: entree and main dish or main dish and dessert for 16 euros – where on earth could you get a better deal! Not only was the value extraordinary but the portions were generous as well.

A preview:

Cochon basque, ventrèche et boudin, en nems (Nems (Vietnamese-style spring rolls) filled with Basque pork and boudin noir) Crunchy exterior and a very soft and sweet mix of meat and blood sausage. Very interesting idea since I’ve only seen it in ravioli-form. 

Saucisson et chorizo (Dried sausage and chorizo)

Onglet de Boeuf, haricots verts (Flank steak and green beans). Perfectly cooked and juicy. 

And the knife! My obsession.

Cabillaud en Brandade (Codfish and Mashed potatoes)

Mousse au Chocolat (Chocolate mousse) – very airy and fluffy. 

The decor is abysmal and clients sit aside a large wine fridge which feels quite daunting above you but you immediately get distracted with the surprisingly good quality of food that comes out of the kitchen. There was only 1 waiter but luckily enough, service wasn’t slow. 

In the heart of a tourist zone filled with traps and overpriced restaurant, Christophe is a fantastic neighborhood bistro to escape to. 


Address: 8 rue Descartes, 75005
Metro: Cardinal Lemoine (Ligne 10)
Closed: Wednesday, Thursday
Telephone: 01 43 26 72 49

One Response to “Christophe”
  1. Roberto says:

    Nice meal in a calm and very good place! 🙂

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