Home Creations: A meal for a dear friend

I was so excited for this weekend to come since my childhood friend, Adele, came to visit me. An avid supporter of my career-change into the culinary world, I wanted to prepare her a very nice meal showing her what I’ve learned so far and how I have become a much better cook.

Dessert was not featured as we were still full from a day filled with cupcakes, pies and cookies from Sugarplum Cake Shop

Amuse-Bouche: 3 shots of soup (from left to right) – Langoustine bisque, Cream of Carrot and Cream of Tomato. 

Entree: Risotto with langoustine and bacon bits

Fish: Pan-fried seabass in a Lemongrass bouillon; Bourrache, Fleur de Coriandre, Green Peas and Heirloom tomatoes



Meat: Shanghainese Porkchop; Aubergine puree, Blood Sausage, Peach and Pork jus

Ultimate food come afterwards.

Stay tune for more!


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