Sugarplum Cake Shop

Looking for a genuine authentic American coffee shop in the heart of Paris? Probably not your first thought once you land in the city of lights; but don’t be fooled; Sugarplum Cake Shop, isn’t just your run-in-the mill Pastry/Coffee shop.

Run by the Sugarplums (composed of Head Chef Taylor McLoughlin, Head Decorator Krista Juracek and Laurel Sanderson who takes care of everything else), the coffee shop helps you rediscover authentic American baking in a casual setting where you can enjoy coffee refills on the house, or an afternoon tea while soaking up the historic atmosphere that the 5th arrondissement holds.

Fortunately enough, I met up with Theresa, a fellow Pastry classmate from Ferrandi who was able to recommend some of her favorite desserts – which she also made – to us. 

The atmosphere is relaxing with communal tables with mismatched chairs. In the back of the store is the workshop where they prepare decorative cakes almost 1 meter tall!

It’s not just about decorative cakes here though; though it is their specialty. The shop also serves rice crispie treats, pitchers of your home-made American lemonade (infused with Vanilla). And boy, is their lemonade good; I chugged mine.

Oreo cupcake 

Vanilla Pistacchio cupcake


Quote from my friend Adele – “It’s like eating a real Oreo in a cake”

Apple and Pear Tart – reminded me of a hot pocket of apple pie

Pecan toffee pie – not oversweetened at all, just perfect: crunchy and moist

Rice Krispies – I have had mixed experiences with rice krispies but this one was not over-sweetened, nor it had a hard exterior; it melted in your mouth, was fluffy and had just amount of sweetness.

Chocolate chip cookie

Surprisingly, once you enter, it’s not filled with Americans or expats, but mostly French people; those from the neighborhood looking for a calm and warm place.

If you’re sick of Chocolate eggs and macaroons (and in need of a good old American hug instead of bisous pecks on the cheek) drop by the shop to try something different alongside something authentic making you feel right at home. It definitely reminded me of an unpretentious coffee shop I would find comfort in when living in New York city. Expats in Paris, this is the place to go to!

Sugarplum Cake Shop

68 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005

Tel: 01 46 34 07 43

Metro: Cardinal Lemoine (Ligne 10)

Open Tue-Sun: 10am-7pm
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