Aux Charpentiers

Behind the Marché St. Germain, this old bistro attracts clients from all over the world to fellow Parisians seeking a time of yesteryear. A few steps away from the oldest church in Paris, Aux Charpentiers is equally historic (more than 150 years old). The restaurant resembles any other Parisian bistro except here on the walls are old prints and photographs of groups of men, or elite compagnons (journeymen) whose dedication to their craft reminds one of a priestly or monastic order. On the pictures themselves are signs of the Mason order. The master carpenters whose guild was next door (hence the name Charpentiers which translates to “carpenters”) made their rendez-vous at this restaurant. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is still their secret meeting spot. 

The owner watching closely what’s going on in the restaurant. Probably a Mason himself.

The food is not imaginative. The Chef proposes a bourgeois traditional menu that is well prepared, hearty and not over-the-top. The food can be seen as ‘workman-like’. Alongside the food, the wait staff is a bit cold and just did their job of serving; not very charming. The reason why I picked this restaurant is because of the value of the food served.

28 euros for an entrée, plat and dessert (or cheese) is hard to beat, especially in the 6th arrondissement. 6 choices for each gives you a wide variety of food and pleases individuals’ taste.

Picks of the day:

Fromage de tête a l’ancienne (Head Cheese)

Caviar d’Aubergines et sa rosace de Chèvre frais (Caviar of Aubergine and goat cheese)

Bavette d’alloyau grillée, Beurre Bordelais, Pommes Sautées (Grilled Skirt steak, sauteed potatoes – which the restaurant is famous for)

Boudin Noir de Correze, Pommes en l’air (Blood sausage with roasted apples)

Faisselle de Fromage Blanc au Coulis de Fruits Rouges (Strained white cheese with coulis of red fruits)

Baba au Rhum Chantilly, Zestes d’Orange Confites (Baba with rhum and Chantilly cream)

Classic French food in a traditional setting. You can’t get more Parisian than that. Plus, price is cheap. 


Aux Charpentiers

6 Rue Mabillon, 75006

Metro: Mabillon (Ligne 4 and 10)

Tel: 01 43 26 30 05


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