Home Creations: An eclectic spring

It has been a while since my last post on home creations. Here are a couple of snap pictures taken from food experiments taken during Spring time.

Emulsion of Bacon, Bacon chip

Shrimp Carpaccio

Also in Amuse-Bouche style…

White on White: Monkfish, Cauliflower puree; Fresh cauliflower and Lardo de Colonata

Portrait of an Eggplant: Bone Marrow with Chive; Shrimp

Rouget, Black grapes and Shallots

Pork rib and fruits of spring, Berry jus

Beef Bourguignon revisited

Hopefully, in the coming weeks there will be a Home creations: summer style edition that will feature seasonal produce of summer including peaches, tomatoes, berries, figs and zucchini. Stay tuned!
3 Responses to “Home Creations: An eclectic spring”
  1. the DAD says:


  2. dad says:

    C’est Bien

  3. stephane says:

    Bravo Chef,c’est du pur produits!!!!!!!!!!

    C’est Jadestrance lol!!!!!!!!!!! ou Jade!

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