1er Cabinet de Curiosité Culinaire by Haute Cuisine

HAUTE CUISINE PARIS, a cultural theatre of culinary curiosity, took place in Paris from 7th-10th July in the gardens of Palais Royal, during the Haute Couture week.  

This event, sponsored by Guy Martin, Chef at the Grand Véfour, brought together the major players of the French and International gastronomical world including Jordi Roca, Michel Troisgros, Michel Bras, William LeDeuil, Olivier Roellinger and the likes. The first two days were open exclusively to professionals while the following two days (weekend), were open to the general public.

Main entrance

At the event, there were a handful of stands from various companies and groups that offered tastings as celebrating gastronomy, according to Haute Cuisine is simply not possible without a tasting.

Les Vergers de St. Eustache (fruit/vegetable grower/producer delivering to major restaurants of Paris)

Acquerello – Italian rice grower selling rice that has been aged for 7 years

La Cornue – exhibiting their appliances

My interest in La Cornue products only goes so far. I admit, I was brought to the stand by the sights and sounds of the Iberico ham. 

Alain Passard collage exhibit in a separate tent – which also featured his new book

Knives – from Japan

The Whiskey House feature independent liquors like St. Germain, a very sweet French eau de vie, and London Number 3 Gin

SENS Gourmet featuring some interesting products in cuisine

including juice of Yuzu, a citrus fruit from Japan (also used at my place of internship)


Their neighbor was a company specializing in micro-leaves and herbs including oyster leaf

Outside, there were fashion/culinary exhibits that were shared in separate tents. This beautiful demonstration was led by La Duree (famous for their macaroons and pastries)

Edible roses

At the convention, there were also talks and demonstrations held by legendary chefs.

Day 1: Demonstrations

On the first day, a demonstration by Jerome Jaegle, finalist of the Bocuse d’Or award. He prepared and explained step by step his recipe of Sterling fish, hay flower and crispy bread. 

In the afternoon, Acquerello’s risotto product (owner, Umberto) was featured in a culinary demonstration alongside a dish with pasta

Day 1 – talks

Topic: What are the limits of culinary creations?

Talk led by Olivier Assouly, journalist and joined by Michel Troisgros (3 Michelin star Chef of La Maison Troisgros in Roanne, France). 

Day 2: Demonstrations

Angel Leon (2 Michelin star Chef of Aponiente in Cadiz, Spain), also called the Chef of the Seas. He presented his Charcuterie of the Sea. 

Claude and Thomas Troisgros (related to Michel Troisgros) prepared a special luncheon featuring their recipes from their restaurant. Unlike Michel who stayed on to continue his family’s culinary reputation (started by his father, Pierre), Claude left for Brazil and not only opened a restaurant in Sao Paolo, he revolutionized French cuisine in Brazil using Brazilian ingredients.

Langoustine, Sweet Potato, Microcress

What a pair! Troisgros and Jordi Roca (3 Michelin star Chef alongside brothers Joan and Josep and from El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain)

Finally, Jordi Roca (El Celler de Can Roca), Pastry Chef, talking about his specialty; working on desserts starting with developing a perfume.

Love the restaurant logo: R representing Roca and the 3 brothers


Highlight of weekend, meeting Pierre Troisgros. Yes another Troisgros, but do you know who he is and what he represents to French cuisine? Oh he’s just the FOUNDER of French nouvelle cuisine that has shaped French cuisine to this day. Oh, and he’s had 3 Michelin stars since 1968. Just that. 

For its first time, the event was interesting as it invited culinary giants from around the world who were able to share their thoughts and experiences in cuisine; however it is in its baby years compared to larger culinary congresses such as Madrid Fusion, San Sebastian Gastronomika which exhibit hundreds of culinary ingredients, products, techniques, utensils alongside more demonstrations and tastings – a more organized event as I would like to say.

But for a weekend in Paris, it was an international gastronomic journey, HAUTE CUISINE PARIS brought together all those for whom cuisine is a pleasure, a celebration, by inviting them to discover each facet and uniqueness of this savoir-faire.

1er Cabinet de Curiosité Culinaire
July 7-10
Gardens of Palais Royal 
10AM – 7PM
Metro: Palais Royal/Musée du Louvre


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