Home Creations: Summer Issue

Home Creations: Summer Issue features seasonal ingredients of summer which include (but are not limited to) peaches, tomatoes, baby vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, eggplant, turnip, salmon, squid and lots of herbs.

Good news and Bad news..Which one do you want first?

Let’s start with the good news…Good news, the dishes created of course 🙂

Ail confit (Garlic confit; garlic cooked in oil at an average temperature held between 70 and 90 degrees celsius for 3 hours)

Tartare de boeuf au parfum de Lard de Colonata, Lard de colonata poelé et Salade d’herbes (Beef tartare, Colonata aroma, pan-fried Colonata, Herb salad)

Emulsion de lard de colonata (lard de colonata emulsion)

‘Risotto’ de seiche, jaune d’oeuf (Squid cut ‘risotto’ size, Egg yolk)

Saumon à l’unilatĂ©ral, lĂ©gumes de saison (Salmon, seasonal vegetables)

Agneau de lait et son jus, Purée de peche et Rosé, Tomates cerises (Milk-fed lamb, puree of peach and rose wine, cherry tomatoes)

Now for the bad news…Bad news is that this will be the last upload of home creations as One Spoonful At A Time will be exploring and researching for one month extreme, unusual and unorthodox ingredients. It will be a journey to what is called the ‘edge of the world’ but don’t worry, I will keep you all updated via One Spoonful At A Time. Where am I going? You’ll just have to wait, see 🙂

One Response to “Home Creations: Summer Issue”
  1. Abi says:

    Jade, this all looks absolutely amazing! Please cook for me some time soon!
    Love xxxx

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