Ready, Set, Action!

My trip in Brasil has been a formidable one. Not only did I travel along the coast and the Amazon, tasting, experimenting and documenting local and unusual ingredients but I had the opportunity to talk about my experiences in the culinary world both in France and in Brasil on a local TV show in São Paulo called No Ar (On Air).

The tv host speaks in Portugues (though I answered in English). One thing that does not need translating is the dish we prepared which featured both techniques acquired in France and an inspiration from ingredients found in Brasil.

We pan-fried a filet of seabass and placed it on a bed of manioc and chili purée and decorated the plate with mustard leaves and a caipirinha gelée.

We wre inspired to create this dish because we found manioc to be one of the staple foods of Brasilian cuisine. The caipirinha does not need explanation, everyone drinks the national drink.

Take a look!

Part 1

Part 2

It was a fun and memorable experience. Never cooked on television before, it is definitely different from what you experience in cuisine, with takes and retakes.

Stay tuned for a feature of São Paulo´s gastronomic scene and important big news!

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