Café Constant

Not all great restaurants in Paris open on Sunday evenings so I perused through some local food blogs and found out that Café Constant was open in the 7th. It’s been a while since I have wanted to go and now was my chance, especially since I have visited his other establishments, such as Les Cocottes, which happen to be on the same street (a convenient way for him to visit and maintain his restaurants). 

Think of a three-course-meal starting with a nice slice of terrine de foie gras, followed by a generous piece of meatand ending with thick riz au lait. You’ve come to the right place and it’s a hard find, close to the Eiffel tower. Bonus is the price,think you will have to pay €50? €60? Not at Café Constant where a whole meal costs  €23 for the whole meal (on weekdays). I, however was here on a Sunday evening, but the price is affordable, €11 for entrees, €17 for main dishes and €7 for desserts.

People, both locals and tourists love chef Christian Constant. This is a humble place with light colored walls, red leather chairs and tight wooden tables packing this small joint. The menu is straightforward, inspired by Constant’s grandmother’s cooking such as lentil soup with foie gras. 

Food is good here, it is even excellent. He’s an old-fashioned man and it’s old-fashioned food. Can’t go wrong with that. 

What we ordered:


Velouté de Cèpes, Ravioli de Foie gras (Cream of Cèpes Mushroom soup with Foie gras ravioli). Rich and sweet.

Tartare de saumon, hûitres et bar relevé au gingembre (Salmon, oyster and seabass tartare with ginger)

Saumon mariné façon hareng, pommes de terre à l’huile (Salmon marinated like herring fish, baby potatoes)


Filet de bar grillé à la plancha, mousseline de patates douces (Grilled bar with sweet potato)

Basse côte de la Blonde d’Aquitaine, purée de mon enfance (Beef chop and mash potatoes ‘of my childhood’)

Pigeon en crapaudine <é Anezo>> lentilles du Puy aux dés de foie gras (Pigeon from <<René Anezo>>, lentils with foie gras dices)

Accompanied by a light Burgundy wine…2007 Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Nuit

A good find in the 7th, but no reservations can be made, so be sure to come early, ie. before 8.30pm!

Café Constant

139 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007

Tel: 01 47 53 73 34



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