The H Restaurant

The letter H of The H Restaurant stands for the initial of the last name of former owners, Gérard and Karin Herisson who opened this casual French bistro in Sunny Isles Beach. Headed by chef Julien Herisson, the owners’ son and Chef Ralph Colon, the menu boasts a reasonably-priced bistro style menu with appetizers such as Escargots baked in butter, garlic, shallot and white wine  ($9);  Pan seared foie gras with caramelized apple, port and raspberry sauce ($13) and Onion soup gratinée ($ 8).

 For main, choose between fish: Tilapia à la Française ($16) with roasted garlic whipped potatoes, tomatoes, capers and shallots in a white wine sauce and Grilled Atlantic Salmon ($19), as well as simple Fish and chips ($15) or if you’re in a meaty-kind-of-mood, why not the 14 ounce grilled ribeye steak with roasted garlic herb butter and home-made fries.

3 months ago, ne of the first things you notice as you enter the restaurant is a huge portrait of Madame de Pompadour but now, walls are covered with glass mirrors.
Why the change? Change of owner and management; now Italian and owned by next-door neighbor Timo. Tables and chairs are vintage wood and have a full view of the open kitchen, unless you’re sitting outside on a beautiful day…why not?
This change of management also reflects changes in the menu. I remember my mother telling me how great their crab meat salad was or how the Duck Pâté  or even the particularly classical French chicken chasseur ($15) sautéed in white wine sauce with tomatoes, mushrooms, leek, onion and garlic (which by the way was featured in my culinary exam in Ferrandi, about 1 year and a half ago) was to die for. Now, long gone from the menu.

Nevertheless, the food is still on par.

French Platter filled with charcuterie, cheese and some fruits

Shrimp Spring rolls with sweet balsamic reduction

Pan seared foie gras with port and raspberry sauce. For Miami not bad, but a bit too cooked and oily for my taste

Beef Carpaccio covered with arugula, frisee and lightly finished with truffle oil and traditional aioli. Beautiful fresh and light.

Calamari rings – served with red sauce

Duck Confit Salad – with Frisee mix greens and passionfruit dressing. My favorite of the meal. The meat, tender, falling off the bone and the skin crispy, crunchy and salted perfectly. The duck was still smoking hot when it arrived and put the salad into ambient temperature. Just right. 

Filet Mignon – with sun dried tomatoes, potatoes, vegetables and red wine/shallot demi-glace sauce

The ingredients here are not pedigreed, the cooking techniques are more rustic than refined and the setting more garage-sale than gorgeous. But the service is attentive and friendly making the meal much more pleasant. Though the menu has some French classics, perhaps “international” is a better choice of words as sandwiches, burgers and salads are featured largely (and unfortunately) on the menu. The french fare is not as strong as it used to be when it first opened; perhaps it was shaped to meet clientele’s wants and needs, but who needs more pizza?! But let’s say for now that it is eclectic after all.

Authentic French is not an easy find in Miami so I give this joint credit for what it’s doing but just wish it stayed true to its original concept influenced from across the Atlantic Ocean.

The H Restaurant
17608 Collins Avenue
Sunny Isles, FL 33160
Tel: (305) 931-9106

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