Zuma: Miami

Every time I return to Hong Kong, I always make room on a Sunday to devour Zuma’s Sunday brunch. Here, the deal is unlimited champagne, sake or red/white wine, with an open buffet at the sushi bar and robata counter followed by 1 choice of main dish (meat or fish) and ends with (if you can make it this far) with a huge dessert platter for the table.

My parents spend half the year on the other side of the world, in Miami. I have come here many times during the holidays and always knew there was another Zuma but felt anxious booking brunch because I did not want to ruin my perfect image of the restaurant’s reputation from Hong Kong. But…it’s been so long since I have had Japanese food and since I’ll be leaving next week (yes…back to work), I thought, oh what the heck.

Zuma: Miami is located in the Epic Hotel downtown, where supposedly they serve the ‘best brunch in the city’. It opens from 12-2.30pm, unlike in Hong Kong, where you must either come at 11am or 1.30pm. Alongside complimentary mimosas, bloody marys and other alcoholic concoctions, the buffet will leave you completely and most probably overly satisfied.

Zuma Sangria filled with strawberries, lychee and deadly alcoholic

Zuma Ice Tea

The talk of the town…unlimited Louis Roederer Champagne…probably shared 2 bottles in total with my mother…

The restaurant is just as beautiful than in Hong Kong.  Set in a gorgeous naturally lit space on the edge of the Miami River featuring crisp decor, an open kitchen, plenty of indoor and outdoor dining space, it provides a good view of what lies across, South Beach.

The gist is pretty much the same.


Open food selection that includes a sushi bar and robata counter

Soba Noodle Salad

Lotus and seaweed Salad

Raw Wagyu Beef Roll….wow, I think I had 5 of these. Lost count.


Steamed Egg with Caviar

Sashimi…fresh and tasty but I realized their selection was not as much as Hong Kong.

Spinach and Sesame

Tomato Salad

Chicken skewers

Edamame and Tofu Croquettes

Beef tartar

Poached Egg, Scallions and Sesame….if there was shaved black truffle, it would have been perfect. Still good though!

Unlike in Hong Kong (from my experience), before the main dishes, waiters present you a smoking hoy Japanese Bibinba with mushrooms, beans and creamy rice. 


Choose one:

Black Angus skirt steak with spicy shish lime…Tender, juicy, just right…unfortunately could not finish. 

Barley miso corn-fed baby chicken oven roasted on cedar wood

Salt grilled salmon with spicy burnt tomato


Red Velvet cake


Vanilla Crumble

Thai Mango and Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk (my favorite growing up!) – Khao Neeo Mamuang

Fruit sorbet – Raspberry, Tangerine and Lime

Come hungry, leave happy, roll home.

Zuma: Miami

Epic Hotel and Residences

270 Biscayne Boulevard Way, Miami FL 33131

Tel: (305) 577  0277

Website: http://www.zumarestaurant.com 

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