La Table d’Aki

Having lived in Paris for about a year, I have visited many restaurants in Paris; bistros, michelin stars, neo-bistros and cafes but never have I encountered a one-man show. Well, I finally found it at La Table d’Aki.

Here, nestled in the 7th district, lies a 16-seater hidden gem. The chef, is L’Ambroisie (3-Michelin star restaurant in Paris in which he worked under the tutelage of Bernard Pacaud since 1991) vet and Tokyo-native Akihiro Horikoshi,who takes the term “one-man show” very seriously. He does everything here himself: takes reservations, creates the menu, buys the produce, cooks, serves the dishes and even cleans up.

This tiny restaurant is bright all around, not to mention white from ceiling to floor. It’s not a mundane look and the bland colors are balanced with flashes of red from lamp cables. The food, too, is white…it is understated.

Almost every dish features fish, but this is not a Japanese restaurant. No, it is a French restaurant under a Japanese chef. Sure, I have seen restaurants like these before (many Japanese chefs have opened up their own joint, perfecting french cuisine), but this is typical and classical French food. The restaurant is quiet and you can glance at Aki himself preparing the food.

Entree of the day: John Dory, fennel and basil sauce

Roasted Turbot, spices and artichoke puree

I expected more of this dish, especially since it was priced at 30 euros.

Braised Codfish and mashed potatoes

This too I thought was a bit pricey. The fish was very fresh nonetheless.

I thought the portions were appropriate; not too large, not too small. Having learned from classical French Bernard Pacaud, the food is sublime and cooked to perfection. However, I believe the à la carte dishes were on the pricey side, for the value. 

Reservations are necessary at this small joint. Unlike the optional à la carte lunch, night serves a prix-fixe menu (3 dishes for 38 euros, 5 dishes for 58 euros). I think I would have preferred dinner, if the 3rd dish for the prix-fixe menu was dessert). 

La Table d’Aki

Address: 49 rue Vaneau, 75007

Metro: Vaneau (Ligne 10)

Closed: Sunday, Monday

Telephone: 01 45 44 43 48


2 Responses to “La Table d’Aki”
  1. Madeleine says:

    what more did u expect from the Roasted Turbot, spices and artichoke puree?

  2. ruedodessa says:

    I didn’t get the one man show, and it was rather expensive if you ask me. Well cooked and prepared, but dropped ball at dessert for 58€. Genoise with cream for dessert? Only that? With his new help I was expecting more.

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