Unpretentious, pleasant, simple, good food…that’s pretty much what I look for in a bistro; and that’s what you’ll get at L’Office.

For the past year or so, there’s been a lot of buzz around this restaurant, headed by American chef (and Del Posto trained) Kevin O’Donnell. A 10 minutes walk from two landmark department stores, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, you’ll pass by local favorites such as VivantRacines, and 2-Michelin starred Passage 53 before you find L’Office, tucked away, almost unnoticeable, if I might add.

The place as are the waiters are young, hip and unfussy. The place with retro lighting, mirrors, banquettes and funky wallpaper created a much-relaxed vibe to the place. Unfortunately, electricity ran out 2-3 times during the meal, but hey, this is Paris…it happens!

The menu, too, is pretty straightforward. No menus here, except for the extensive and budget-conscious wine list. You’ll find it posted on a black ardoise with 3 choices for entrées, main and desserts. Being 3 persons, we ordered 1 of each minus the fact that they ran out of charcuterie and we opted to stay with meats instead of choosing saumon for the main. 


Calamars/Tomates/Pois-chiches (extra 2 euros). I didn’t think the extra 2 euros was valid. The calamar was a bit chewy for my taste but the salad and chickpeas were great mix and flavor.

MdB/Gaspacho/Basilic. Now this was excellent, melted in your mouth cheese.


Cochon/Burlotti/Scarole. Well-cooked pork. What more can I say?

Pintade/Girolles/Mais (extra 3 euros). The guinea hen was perfectly cooked, and not dry at all – which tends to happen very often. Mushrooms and corn were a great addition but I would have preferred whole mushrooms.


Clafoutis/Abricot/Romarin. Rosemary ice-cream, wow.

Myrtilles/Mascarpone/Pavot. A bit too ‘soupy’ for my taste.

Chocolat Blanc/Noix/Framboise

For me, desserts lacked compared to the meal. I had heard such great things from the restaurant but I guess my experience was half-and-half. I still have belief that the restaurant is very good, I guess just lacked in some points. Overall, still and will be a hidden gem.

The plating is simple and fun, something that isn’t a big deal to the chef and staff here, just a fun place to eat and hang out with friends. Entrée and Main/Main and dessert is prices at 21 euros, but Entrée, Main and Dessert adds up to 26 euros, which is not bad at all. If you add in fromage, prepare to spend about 31 euros.

Despite the name, L’Office is totally casual and charming. Come here if you want to eat side-by-side with late 20s/30 something year olds. Good value restaurant. 

PS. Chef Kevin O’Connell has left the restaurant leaving Charles Compagnon (owner) to find someone else to head the kitchen. Stay tuned!


Address: 3, Rue Richer, 75009

Metro: Cadet (Ligne 7)

Closed: Saturday and Sunday

3 Responses to “L’Office”
  1. Mashav says:

    We went there not long ago and my conclusion was as well: 50/50. You think it’s still a bargain, I’m not so sure it is… but we ate there at dinner so it was more expensive (33 euro basic for 3 course). Still when there’s only 2-3 choices for the courses, I expect each of them to be spot on. But that’s just me?
    my review here: http://www.eatingcookingfooding.com/2012/05/leaving-loffice-with-mixed-feelings.html

  2. Chaitali says:

    I always wanted to go there! Maybe when I’m back in September. Was it hard to get a reservation?

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