Rocambolesc Gelateria

As we roll into Autumn, leaves are slowly turning orange and yellow, finding themselves on the ground and being swept away by a cool breeze. Yes, that’s right, it’s the end of summer (I know we are in October and summer ended long ago), but here in Girona, the weather has been surprisingly summer-y with temperatures still hitting highs of 28 degrees celsius.

Summer for me, definitely includes meals filled with fresh flavors, colors but most importantly for me, ice-cream! If I could pick a dessert, to eat for the rest of my life, it would have to include ice-cream, for sure. Luckily for me, Girona is filled with ice-cream parlours, but Rocambolesc Gelateria in particular crosses my mind.

Here, everything you thought you knew about ice-cream might fade away. Jordi Roca, the youngest of the 3 brothers behind El Celler de Can Roca (3-Michelin starred and the world’s 2nd best restaurant) recently opened a quaint ice-cream parlor that rewrites the way we see, eat and enjoy ice-cream. What looks like a traditional gelateria on the outside is fantasy-like, Willy Wonka inspired in the inside.

You come across gauges, tubes, pipes that exudes a sense of playfulness and excites not only the stomach but the mind as well. You feel as if you’ve entered the Willy Wonka chocolate factory (in a tinier version).

6 flavours are on the you would be quite wary with an ice-cream parlour only serving 6 flavours but don’t be fooled as they each come with exquisite accessories like cotton candy, popping candy, fresh fruit, etc…alongside selections of candies, perfumes, books.

What about the price? Well you’d be surprised, it is actually very well-valued. You may order the chocolate inspired ice-cream with the unique toppings it holds for about 3.75 euros, or if you decide to do-it-yourself, it comes out about the same. Only if you decide to buy a tub of ice-cream to take-away does the price rise, but not by that much either!

Before I begin to show you the different ice-creams, just to be clear, I did not eat them all at 1 time…This has been an ongoing tasting for about 1 month and a half for me to really enjoy each flavor, to critique it, to be inspired by it, and to not gain 5000 calories in 1 day.

The Lactic (milk ice cream): sheep’s milk, cottage sheep’s milk cheese, cotton candy with guava jam and caramelized sheep’s milk

The taste matches the extravagance of the look. One of the classics. 

Xoco (chocolate ice cream): Chocolate, sugared cocoa bean, cocoa cookies and popping candy

The heaviest of the bunch and if you like chocolate, over chocolate, over chocolate, this one is for you. Anything you could ask for related to chocolate in a pot. To die for. 

Tangerine Sorbet: Fresh tangerine pulp, sugar and gelatine, orange segments, tangerine sauce, bladder cherry

A light quickie for the road. Fruity, fresh, anything you’d expect from a sorbet. If you like strong citrus flavors, this one is for you. 

Baked Apple ice cream: traditional baked apple from Jordi’s mother, butter cookies, caramelized apple, and fresh apple

My favorite of the bunch maybe because apple tart and ice-cream is my favorite duo combination for dessert. It was surprisingly light and fresh. 

Vanilla ice-cream: Vanilla from Tahiti with brown sugar, chocolate cake without flour, chocolate sauce and crunchy caramel

I love vanilla ice-cream and never had it with brown sugar, wow does it make a difference.

Fig ice-cream: with redfruit wine gums, fresh fruits

Maybe my least favorite of the bunch. Did not have a lot of flavor, but what do you expect from a fresh fig, where 70% is skin and seeds.

All the ice-cream recipes are taken from the original recipes from El Celler. They even have a special takeaway kit to relive your dining experience at El Celler de Can Roca, for the most popular, The Lactic/Milk ice-cream dessert including guava, milk candy, sheep’s milk yoghurt and sheep’s milk ice-cream.

It is the perfect place for those with sweet-tooths and foodies from around the world. Don’t miss this place or El Celler de Can Roca when you hit Girona.

Heladería Rocambolesc
C/ Santa Clara, 50
ps. check out their cute blog 

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