Finding a wine bar in Paris isn’t such a hard thing to do, but having a GOOD wine bar, not overpriced, serving great wines, is. I tend to think wine bars, nowadays, sort of pressure you into ordering a full meal, but thankfully at Epure, this is not the case.

I’d call Epure more of a welcome stop for people looking for a place to take a break, have a glass, or bottle, with friends and catch up on old times. This is exactly how I spent my Saturday afternoon.

As we walked into the new place, it smelled like a new place, indeed it was. This space, opposite, the 2-year old Agapé Substance, is handled by the same owner, Laurent Lapaire, who paired up with another Laurent…Laurent Vanpary (Gastros on Tour Blogger) that is. Together, they have transformed this 40 square-meter former art gallery into a tiny modern wine bar & bottle shop nearby the St Germain des Pres – open all day for glasses of wine & charcuterie (until 2am, I am told everyday).

In terms of decor, they called on Stéphane Chevenoy et Eric Parisis of Timeo Danaos Architectures & Design to create a convivial place, that is quite original at the same time; they thought of the idea of making the bar counter as a boat.


I am quite picky with wines but was more than pleased with the selection we had. All wines are naturels made by very good producers and is definitely a MUST for wine geeks, wine makers and locals as well as tourists.


Both Laurents are captains of this “ship” as they called it, and the decoration definitely alludes to the idea. Standing at the center of the narrow room (similar to his neighboring restaurant), holds a wooden bar structure similar to a shape of a boat, with LED lights.


There’s no need for a wine menu, as all the bottles are lined up according to region and there is a vast selection here.


Our first wine…from Burgundy, very affordable, light and charming.


We were lucky to have Laurent Lapaire come into work during our 2nd bottle of wine and opted for something heavy. I tend to like Bordeaux but he surprised me when he heavily suggested a bottle from the Languedoc region. Languedoc, south? Really? I was a bit wary, but once I took a wiff of what came out of the bottle, my mouth shut.

My mission, to meet, enjoy this wine again…



Hands down, a very very very good wine albeit very strong that made me tumble down for a very-late lunch at my all-time favorite Le Comptoir du Relais (where I will admit, 1 bottle of red and another of Champagne was consumed)…Luckily, the food held me and my stomach up to the night.


Please excuse the unfocused picture…this is probably during bottle number 2…

There’s a simple ‘menu’, with an easy choice charcuterie plates of hay smoked Speck ham, Crespone salami, aged Coppa de Parme and jambon San Daniele del Friuli – and burrata from Pouilles make for a late afternoon or early evening appetite builder with friends. I guess that was my only complaint, the variety on the menu, but I guess that’s what I wanted, a wine bar that didn’t force you on the food part. My complaint is the headache I had the next morning when I had to get up at 6am for an early flight. Yes, I drank in the afternoon, but it continued on for 5 hours…5 hours of drinking, but hey I did have a good time! That’s what counts right?


Prices range from 20 euros to a whopping 120 euros, but they are all good wines and just depend on what you are looking for. The small plates range from 6-12 euros. Wines can be ordered by the glass, bottle (cave price plus corkage) or be taken away to enjoy later; but I suggest staying there for a while, chatting, reminiscing, debating and enjoying your time with friends.

Restaurant Epure
33 rue Mazarine, 75006
Metro: Odéon (Ligne 6, 10)
Tel : +33 1 46 34 84 52
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  1. adrian says:

    love the blog.

    You recommend a good cook bookshop in Paris, have you got any chef shop recommendations for unusal bits of kit or porcelain & tableware?


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