About Me

Having graduated with a BA degree in 2009 and then an MSc degree in 2010, I left the world of International Politics to pursue my dream of being a Cuisinière. As cooking has always been my passion, I decided to start both my educational and professional tracks in the food capital of the world, Paris… and enrolled myself in l’École Supérieure de Cuisine Française (ESCF)- Grégoire Ferrandi.

This blog was started to update friends and family on the next chapter of my life as a student at ESCF. In January 2011, I successfully graduated and interned at Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee, a 3-Michelin starred restaurant in the heart of the city. During the weekends, I found time to explore Paris’ growing gastronomic scenes and blogged about them.

Having left my experience in Paris, I moved to Spain and worked in the kitchen of Mugaritz, 2-Michelin star and within the top 10 best restaurant in the world (according to the San Pellegrino List). Having just finished my second year in Mugaritz, I will return for another season to further my career.

I will continue to blog my culinary experiences around Spain and around the world.

Welcome to One Spoonful At A Time!

2 Responses to “About Me”
  1. Matej Golob says:

    Hi Jade – we have somewhat similar blogs, though mine is more focused on the people I am with while enjoying meals – in Ljubljana and around the world … Cheers, Matej

  2. Marisabel says:

    Hi Jade, i just discover your blog today and i love it! I am a student at Ferrandi, im in Stephane’s class. I remember that a couple of months ago you and your brazilian friend went to talk about your experience at your internships. Chef has found me an interview in the same restaurant that you went (i dont say the name because i saw you didnt want to mention it in your blog), im waiting for the person to tell me when will the interview will be. By now im reading you old posts for when you were in the stage. I love it!
    Im peruvian, your article of Peru is great! i was actually there for christmas! If you ever go again you must try the japanese-peruvian fusion, the japanes’s restaurants are amazing there! they have a maki of ceviche wich is my favorite and a lot of other delightful things. Cusco have great restaurant, Acurio has “Chicha” there, with is a must also.
    What are you doing now? do you think that your change of carreer was worth it?
    Cheers, Marisabel

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