Sugarplum Cake Shop

Looking for a genuine authentic American coffee shop in the heart of Paris? Probably not your first thought once you land in the city of lights; but don’t be fooled; Sugarplum Cake Shop, isn’t just your run-in-the mill Pastry/Coffee shop. Run by the Sugarplums (composed of Head Chef Taylor McLoughlin, Head Decorator Krista Juracek and Laurel Sanderson who … Continue reading

Got Mylk?

Got Mylk? I do. If I could, I would go to this high-end dairy place put together by 2 Parisians. The spot provides freshly made yoghurt made from super premium milk straight from the Ferme de Viltain. You choose the size of the yoghurt cup (between small and large) and then choose toppings according to … Continue reading

Un Dimanche à Paris

Having lived in Paris for 7 months now and before that being a frequent visitor, I have been asked this question almost all the time: “what do you on Sundays? Everything is closed. Aren’t you bored?” I pondered a bit about this question. Coming here on vacation and living here are 2 very different experiences. … Continue reading

Patisserie Pain de Sucre

Walking down Rue Rambuteau, a long queue is held before you in front of a matchbox-size pastry shop…What are they waiting for? They’re waiting to be transported into a fairytale…a world away from this world. From the creeky planks you walk on to the ornate decorations on the ceiling; not to mention the never-ending goodies lying … Continue reading

Aux Merveilleux de Fred

I don’t know who Fred is…or how merveilleux (marvelous) he is…but his damn pastries are! I don’t think this is Fred unfortunately… Originally from Lille, the shop expanded to the right bank in the heart of Passy (16th district).The shop is tiny and its successful among the neighbors. The shop creates a range of specially … Continue reading