Some of the world’s pleasures are very simple

Today marks the second full month I have been at my internship. On the one hand, I say to myself: : “it’s been two months already?!” while on the other, I feel like it goes by so slowly… As I look back on my first two months, I feel like I have changed a lot. … Continue reading

“Everything changes so that nothing changes”

“Everything changes so that nothing changes” I think this describes the new cuisine that my restaurant is focusing on. Simplicity met with elegance is key; absolute perfection must always be met in both sight and taste….always. A more sober mise-en-table, a simpler decor and an absence of excess white gloves. Perhaps a surprise to regulars … Continue reading

How many amuse-bouche do we need right now? Just 239.

This is an unexpected blogpost from me since it’s during the week and I should be at work. Well, I have a 2-hour break and I decided to come back home for a quick rest and a sip of coffee too. Usually Wednesdays is just for dinner service but today, 60 journalists came for a … Continue reading

Has it been one month already?

Ok, February only has 28 days this year, but let’s just say it’s going to be a month when next week starts again. I feel that it definitely went by fast!True, that I missed one week’s worth of work due to an injury but I’m happy to be back in the game, back at work, … Continue reading


You’re all probably wondering why I’m blogging in the middle of the week on a Tuesday morning when at this current time, I should be prepping ingredients for tonight’s dinner at my internship. Good observation!No, I’m not blogging live from the kitchen (though that would be super cool)… here’s the real reason why. Being over-excited with … Continue reading

Week 2 realizations

So week 2 at my internship has ended…I can’t believe it’s only been 2 weeks, it seems like it’s been 2 months! But I must say the week has gone by very quickly..I guess that happens when you’re extremely busy, having always something to cut, clean, measure, cook, plate and send to the pass. Usually in … Continue reading

My new life as a stagiare

Major apologies for not having blogged for a while. As you all may know, I started interning at a 3-star Michelin restaurant and to be honest, there has been absolutely no time for me to update you all on how it’s going. I had orientation on Monday and Tuesday (morning) and we were explained the … Continue reading

Onto Chapter Two

Tomorrow is going to be the second chapter of my so-called ‘new life’; working in a Michelin-star restaurant; out of respect to the Chef and restaurant, I will keep it anonymous. Chapter 1: at ESCF-Ferrandi was tough to begin with, but with time, effort and commitment, I got by, ended up loving every minute of every … Continue reading

Graduation Day

Happy Graduation to all Anglos (both cuisine and pastry)! Yesterday we celebrated the end of our course and received our diplomas from our Chefs and Director. It was a great day, filled with laughter and tears and great to be around fellow colleagues.— But can you believe out of all the days I need to … Continue reading

Rien d’Impossible en Brest

For our Anglo voyage, we went on a 3-day school trip to Bretagne (Brittany) in north-western France, particularly around Brest (the most western tip of Europe, also known as in the Finistère department). Though Brittany is best known for its Breton crêpe, its main culinary feature is seafood…and we ate a lot of seafood – scallops especially…actually, we … Continue reading