Etxebarri: Less is More

**Apologies in advance for the lack of quality in the pictures. I had taken the pictures with my camera but lost the memory card and could only rely on the low-quality camera functions of a phone. Less is More, I believe that’s the secret to success of this little institution. Every time I come here, … Continue reading


I never got the chance to eat at El Bulli, awarded 3 Michelin stars and voted World’s Best Restaurant 4 years in a row. I think that it’s one restaurant I will regret never having the chance to eat or work in. In 2010, chef Ferran Adria announced its closer to open a non-profit foundation … Continue reading

Rocambolesc Gelateria

As we roll into Autumn, leaves are slowly turning orange and yellow, finding themselves on the ground and being swept away by a cool breeze. Yes, that’s right, it’s the end of summer (I know we are in October and summer ended long ago), but here in Girona, the weather has been surprisingly summer-y with … Continue reading


It was as if I started Mugaritz just yesterday, but shockingly enough a year has gone by. This past Sunday, I finished my experience at Mugaritz (2* Michelin, San Pellegrino’s 3rd Best in the World 2012) ,headed by Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and chef de cuisine, Julieta Caruso. It has been an eventful year for … Continue reading

Etxebarri…Round 2

No trip in northern Spain would be complete without a visit to Asador Etxebarri in the tiny leafy village of Axpe, about 45 minutes west out of San Sebastian (en route to Bilbao). You might recall a first visit on my behalf, a couple of months ago. I remember being wowed in the cold winter … Continue reading

La Fabrica

7 months of eating pintxos is definitely a challenge, and surely once in a while, you’re up for a restaurant sit-down, serving a 3-course prix fixe meal. Well, that happened to me.  As much as I love the idea of pintxos and getting to taste a little bit of everything, I thought it would be … Continue reading

Oviedo, Asturias: Woody Allen’s fairytale

Getting to the province of Asturias is very much scenic; passing by the mountains of the Pico de Europa, you already feel like you are escaping from where you came from. The province of Asturias itself is rather small but scenic and hosts 4 main cities, Oviedo, Aviles and Gijón. You pass by little towns in … Continue reading


DiverXo is quite unique to Spain’s upscale gastronomy. The reason for this is of the Spanish-Asian (but more Chinese) fusion cuisine that it boasts. Spanish and Chinese cuisine? Something rather similar to what I want to do, but someone else beat me to it. The small kitchen is led by David Muñoz, whose background ranges from stints … Continue reading

Txotx! Straight from the Barrel

It’s cider season in Guipúzcoa region! The municipality of Astigarraga, where I currently live (5 km away from San Sebastian centre) is a real point of reference within the cider sector. In Spain it is mainly produced in the Northern areas and they are appreciated for their high quality.The town boasts a 17 sagardotegia (cider houses in Basque … Continue reading

El Celler de Can Roca

My dream (or at least one of them) came true…One of the moments I have been longing for had eventually arrived. I finally ate at El Celler de Can Roca (3 Michelin star restaurant and 2nd Best Restaurant in the World according to the 2011 San Pellegrino List). I’m still wrapping my head around this meal. … Continue reading