Etxebarri: Less is More

**Apologies in advance for the lack of quality in the pictures. I had taken the pictures with my camera but lost the memory card and could only rely on the low-quality camera functions of a phone. Less is More, I believe that’s the secret to success of this little institution. Every time I come here, … Continue reading

Etxebarri…Round 2

No trip in northern Spain would be complete without a visit to Asador Etxebarri in the tiny leafy village of Axpe, about 45 minutes west out of San Sebastian (en route to Bilbao). You might recall a first visit on my behalf, a couple of months ago. I remember being wowed in the cold winter … Continue reading

Asador Etxebarri

“Etxebarri” – it’s spoken on the lips of the fooderati as if it’s an impossible perfection. Simple, unquestionable perfection. Victor Arguinzoniz, head chef and proprietor of Asador Etxebarri is a maestro of the grill and the architect of the greatest meals of many people’s lives. The ethos of Etxebarri is very simple: take the best local produce … Continue reading