Japan, Part 2: Kyoto

Kyoto is just a short train ride away from Osaka, approximately 24 minutes on the JR (governmental) train line. It does not seem like you’re in another big city as you just pass by neighborhoods of houses. What you do notice, however, is less skyscrapers and more traditional monuments and buildings.  Walking through Kyoto, or … Continue reading

Sugarplum Cake Shop

Looking for a genuine authentic American coffee shop in the heart of Paris? Probably not your first thought once you land in the city of lights; but don’t be fooled; Sugarplum Cake Shop, isn’t just your run-in-the mill Pastry/Coffee shop. Run by the Sugarplums (composed of Head Chef Taylor McLoughlin, Head Decorator Krista Juracek and Laurel Sanderson who … Continue reading

The Knead for Bread

One of the basis of French gastronomy, is le pain (bread). Many Parisians swear by their local bakers and each Parisian has a favorite boulangerie. With recent buzz awarding boulangeries (bakeries) with prizes for best baguettes, best croissants and other viennoiseries, I found it necessary to see, and most importantly try. In the shadows of the … Continue reading

Patisserie Pain de Sucre

Walking down Rue Rambuteau, a long queue is held before you in front of a matchbox-size pastry shop…What are they waiting for? They’re waiting to be transported into a fairytale…a world away from this world. From the creeky planks you walk on to the ornate decorations on the ceiling; not to mention the never-ending goodies lying … Continue reading

Le Marais

School’s off (a rare exception) so decided to explore Paris a bit more. I had been to Le Marais (literally ‘swamp’) in the 3rd and now stretching to 4th district in Paris before but wanted to walk through the small winding streets that encompass the Jewish community. It was an absolutely beautiful day and the … Continue reading