Japan, Part 2: Kyoto

Kyoto is just a short train ride away from Osaka, approximately 24 minutes on the JR (governmental) train line. It does not seem like you’re in another big city as you just pass by neighborhoods of houses. What you do notice, however, is less skyscrapers and more traditional monuments and buildings.  Walking through Kyoto, or … Continue reading

Japan, Part 1: Osaka

I am still surprised I haven’t slipped into a food coma. I’m alive and well and I am able to tell the tale of my gastro tour to Japan. My trip there wasn’t so much planned as it was spontaneous especially in terms of eating. People go to Japan for several reasons, to hike mountains … Continue reading

French Basque Country

The French Basque Country, also known as “The North Side” (Iparralde” in Basque), is situated within the western part of the French department of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, and is equally part of the northeastern part of Basque country. Stretching from the border of Bilbao, Spain, French Basque country begins at the border with Spain until Bayonne and Biarritz, both … Continue reading

36 Hours in My Paris

At last! Paris, I am here. I’ve only been away from you for 1 month and a half but it seems like we’ve been apart for years. I was able to get away from work and San Sebastián for 3 days, and I knew I had to make my trip gastronomically memorable among other things … Continue reading

Pamplona – Iruña

One of the wonders of living in Spain and Europe is that all cities are easily accessible, either by car or train. That’s exactly what I did, took advantage of both the routes (and nice weather) to explore some of Spain’s best gastronomic cities. My first stop was Pamplona. Pamplona (Iruña in Basque) is a medium-size … Continue reading

Café des Musées

Corner bistro with outdoor seating? Check. Open everyday? Check. Honest and wholsome French cooking? Check. Café des Musées is an honest bistro in the heart of the Marais district. One that is open on Sundays. The corner location of the restaurant with its wood paneling and mini outdoor seating area makes it very Parisian. Though … Continue reading

Sugarplum Cake Shop

Looking for a genuine authentic American coffee shop in the heart of Paris? Probably not your first thought once you land in the city of lights; but don’t be fooled; Sugarplum Cake Shop, isn’t just your run-in-the mill Pastry/Coffee shop. Run by the Sugarplums (composed of Head Chef Taylor McLoughlin, Head Decorator Krista Juracek and Laurel Sanderson who … Continue reading

Merce and the Muse

Why is it that in a city that lives on cafés, the coffee doesn’t live up to the standard? Recently, the culmination has led to a growth of little independent ‘anglo’ coffee shops (that you see in London and New York) around the city that sell small pastries, leafy salads and fresh fruits.  The young … Continue reading

Les Anges

Les Anges is tucked on rue Montmartre, off Etienne Marcel train station. The cuisine is light and delicious. You open the menu and are proposed 8 different types of tea; there is obviously coffee as well. The restaurant is famous for its cakes and its ‘special’ dishes such as the “assiette des anges” – an assortment … Continue reading