Le Jeu de Quilles

Le Jeu de Quilles, in the 14th arrondissement, is a very special, tiny restaurant holding 18 covers where the chef, Benoit Reix, (formerly of Les Fines Gueules) prepares French comfort food with an interesting twist in an open kitchen among convivial surroundings. We were surrounded by regulars who were constantly chatting away with the very laid-back chef. … Continue reading

La Cagouille

In the past 10 years I’ve come and gone to Paris (wow I sound like an old lady), well anyways, this was the restaurant that my parents would bring me to. Don’t expect to find any meat, this is a temple of seafood, featuring the culinary arts of Southern Bordeaux. None of the fishes have … Continue reading

La Régalade

La Régalade is synonymous with Yves Camdeborde who created a restaurant serving haute-cuisine at low prices. Though he left it in the hands of Bruno Doucet, born into a family of hunters, in 2004 (and went on to create Le Comptoir – please see my comments on this restaurant) who is still visited by many … Continue reading