36 Hours in My Paris

At last! Paris, I am here. I’ve only been away from you for 1 month and a half but it seems like we’ve been apart for years. I was able to get away from work and San Sebastián for 3 days, and I knew I had to make my trip gastronomically memorable among other things … Continue reading

La Tour d’Argent

It is one of the oldest restaurants in Paris, founded in 1582 to be exact and was frequented by King Henri IV who liked to taste the game meat served here during winter time. La Tour d’Argent, though, has had a rocky past with the loss of a Michelin star and the death of the legendary … Continue reading


Behind the Pantheon in the 5th arrondissement and overcrowded with students from nearby high schools and universities, sits Christophe; a quaint restaurant holding 20 covers in what appears to be your run-in-the-mill bistro. You wouldn’t enter this restaurant unless someone vouched for it.    The Chef, Christophe Philippe, is a stickler for good and fresh ingredients … Continue reading

Sola par Hiroki Yoshitake

In the shadows of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, lies Sola; that is Sola by Hiroki Yoshitake, a refined and creative Franco-Japanese restaurant lying in the short rue de l’Hotel Colbert. From outside, nothing special is felt about the restaurant. Once you enter, however, the polished and modern decor immediately takes your breath away and that’s when … Continue reading

Mirama – A taste of home

Having not returned to Asia, especially Hong Kong, in 4 months can be proven to be particularly difficult on the mind but also on the stomach. Being mainly on a French diet, I thought it would be a good idea to get some Cantonese into my system. Mirama proved to be the place – a … Continue reading

Un Dimanche à Paris

Having lived in Paris for 7 months now and before that being a frequent visitor, I have been asked this question almost all the time: “what do you on Sundays? Everything is closed. Aren’t you bored?” I pondered a bit about this question. Coming here on vacation and living here are 2 very different experiences. … Continue reading


If you’re willing to trek east between the 13th and 5th arrondissement, you might as well try L’Agrume. Headed by Franck Marchesi-Grandi who worked at the Plaza Athénée in Paris and Le Bernardin in New York, I expected this place to be a treat.   This small neo-bistro, with a capacity of 20 customers has … Continue reading

Dans Les Landes

Since Yves Camdeborde’s success with Le Comptoir, s’wine bars (everything pork, cochon, ham, pig, hog, boar, jambon, & wine) have become more trendy.Upcoming openings include Gregory Marchand from Frenchie and Guillaume Delage from Jadis. Why this trend? It’s more convivial, you get to mingle with the locals by sitting in communal tables, it’s affordable and you … Continue reading