Finding a wine bar in Paris isn’t such a hard thing to do, but having a GOOD wine bar, not overpriced, serving great wines, is. I tend to think wine bars, nowadays, sort of pressure you into ordering a full meal, but thankfully at Epure, this is not the case. I’d call Epure more of a … Continue reading

An Ode to Paris

I cannot believe it has been 2 years since I first moved to Paris. I remember arriving in the city of lights full of hope, fear, excitement, joy…well a mixture of feelings really, not knowing what to expect, not knowing where I would be in 6-months time, how would I cope with my new adventure, … Continue reading

Another visit to…Agapé Substance

Earlier last year, when I was still living in Paris, I visited Agapé Substance 2 weeks after its opening. Then, the restaurant was quiet, the food memorable but it was more relaxed. Having kept in contact with Chef David Toutain the last couple of months, I decided to pay the restaurant another visit. Since my review … Continue reading

36 Hours in My Paris

At last! Paris, I am here. I’ve only been away from you for 1 month and a half but it seems like we’ve been apart for years. I was able to get away from work and San Sebastián for 3 days, and I knew I had to make my trip gastronomically memorable among other things … Continue reading

Grom: Il gelato come una volta

Summer in Paris. What’s better than ice-cream to cool you down? Paris has been blessed with many ice-cream shops to please both locals and tourists alike but the Italian chain Grom, which opened its doors in 2008 has positioned itself as a competitor to the top ice-cream shops in town notably Amorino and Berthillon. On … Continue reading

Sensing de Guy Martin

Important Note: Please be forewarned that this dinner was specially tailored for me , so it is possible that my experience is different and more positive than a regular visit.   When Guy Martin, chef of 2-star Michelin Grand Véfour, opened his first restaurant in 2006 called Sensing (now 1-star Michelin); he envisioned his restaurant to be different; it would be modern, sleek, … Continue reading

Agapé Substance

It has only been 2 weeks since Agapé Substance has opened but food critics such as Bruno Verjus and Gilles Pudlowski have already invoked the word “genius” to describe Chef David Toutain. In the narrow space of 26 seats, most of them along the wooden communal table that leads to the open kitchen, diners get a … Continue reading

Aux Charpentiers

Behind the Marché St. Germain, this old bistro attracts clients from all over the world to fellow Parisians seeking a time of yesteryear. A few steps away from the oldest church in Paris, Aux Charpentiers is equally historic (more than 150 years old). The restaurant resembles any other Parisian bistro except here on the walls are old … Continue reading

Huîtrerie Régis

Right before you come across the market of St. Germain, stop by Huîtrerie Régis which only serves fantastic oysters and prawns. The decor is light and simple. Beautiful artwork on the ceiling The delicate oysters from from Marenne-Oleron, world famous for its cultivation of oysters on the coast of Charente-Maritime. The combined growing and refinement area … Continue reading

La Petite Cour

La Petite Cour is a ravishing restaurant hidden between the Churches of St-Germain-des-Prés and St-Sulpice. The restaurant hides a green garden, a beautiful charming fountain and a patio with exotic plants surrounding you, giving you access to a shelter of peace from the lively area and making La Petite Cour one of the most romantic and … Continue reading