La Table d’Aki

Having lived in Paris for about a year, I have visited many restaurants in Paris; bistros, michelin stars, neo-bistros and cafes but never have I encountered a one-man show. Well, I finally found it at La Table d’Aki. Here, nestled in the 7th district, lies a 16-seater hidden gem. The chef, is L’Ambroisie (3-Michelin star restaurant … Continue reading

Café Constant

Not all great restaurants in Paris open on Sunday evenings so I perused through some local food blogs and found out that Café Constant was open in the 7th. It’s been a while since I have wanted to go and now was my chance, especially since I have visited his other establishments, such as Les Cocottes, which … Continue reading


As you enter Pottoka (“my wild little pony,” loosely translated from the Basque) , you are lead into a narrow car-sized space. The walls are light grey, the lighting is dim but not dark and the tables are tightly packed next to each other; holding up to 45 people. ‘Welcome back to Paris’ I told myself. Unusually … Continue reading

Jamón ibérico

Jamón ibérico (Iberian ham), also known as pata negra (black leg) is a type of cured ham produced mostly in Spain, but also in some Portuguese regions where it is called presunto ibérico. Pata negra is at least 75% black Iberian pig. The black pig lives primarily in the southwestern parts of Spain including Salamanca, Seville, Cordoba and Ciudad Real.  The difference between the breeding of pata … Continue reading

First days of Spring

Paris has been blessed with such nice weather during the week. Unfortunately, I had to stay indoors at work. I had my fingers crossed it would continue throughout the weekend. It came true! It was a beautiful day to stroll around Paris and boy did I stroll…from Odeon to the east of Paris near Filles … Continue reading

Les Cocottes de Christian Constant

Les Cocottes sits on a prestigious piece of land in a chic quartier of Paris in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower. An area not known for good-value restaurants, Les Cocottes is one of it’s kind in the neighborhood fully staffed of cooks running around the kitchen. The restaurant is headed by Christian Constant (who owns … Continue reading

Chez L’Ami Jean

In a side street in the 7th arrondissement, Chef Stéphane Jego heads Chez L’Ami Jean, a rustic Basque restaurant covered with decorative details including wood panels, memorabilia from pelote, graffiti signs, strings of espelette peppers on the ceiling and random cartoon characters. Chef Jego, formerly taught by Christian Constant (Les Cocottes) and Yves Camdeborde (Le Comptoir … Continue reading

La pâtisserie des mes rêves

As today was a short day in school, I thought it would be worth venturing down the road on 93 Rue du Bac in the chic 7th district (right behind the Bon Marché) to Philippe Conticini’s pastry shop called La Pâtisserie des Rêves. I have seen the pastry shop on many blogs and on, a … Continue reading