Etxebarri: Less is More

**Apologies in advance for the lack of quality in the pictures. I had taken the pictures with my camera but lost the memory card and could only rely on the low-quality camera functions of a phone. Less is More, I believe that’s the secret to success of this little institution. Every time I come here, … Continue reading


There’s no such thing as a “product restaurant” because all such establishments should utilize high quality products. However, even in Spain, where one can find higher quality meat and fish/shellfish compared to any other country in the Western world, very few restaurants truly excel in product quality.  Those familiar with the Basque country should know that one eats … Continue reading

Sensing de Guy Martin

Important Note: Please be forewarned that this dinner was specially tailored for me , so it is possible that my experience is different and more positive than a regular visit.   When Guy Martin, chef of 2-star Michelin Grand Véfour, opened his first restaurant in 2006 called Sensing (now 1-star Michelin); he envisioned his restaurant to be different; it would be modern, sleek, … Continue reading

Agapé Substance

It has only been 2 weeks since Agapé Substance has opened but food critics such as Bruno Verjus and Gilles Pudlowski have already invoked the word “genius” to describe Chef David Toutain. In the narrow space of 26 seats, most of them along the wooden communal table that leads to the open kitchen, diners get a … Continue reading

La Tour d’Argent

It is one of the oldest restaurants in Paris, founded in 1582 to be exact and was frequented by King Henri IV who liked to taste the game meat served here during winter time. La Tour d’Argent, though, has had a rocky past with the loss of a Michelin star and the death of the legendary … Continue reading

The Hidden Kitchen

Getting a reservation at The Hidden Kitchen (HK) is not an easy task. Bookings are made at least 3 months in advance unless a client cancels last minute (which requires you to be on the HK website or follow them on Twitter and emailing them immediately about your interest in the cancelled reservation). Hotter than … Continue reading


Tonight we enjoyed a meal at Pascal Barbot’s 3-Michelin star restaurant, L’Astrance, a small and 25-seat venue in the 16th arrondissement. Formerly from L’Arpège, Barbot’s kitchen brigade contains many Asian influences, particularly Japanese, Thai and Chinese, which comes out in each and everyone of his dishes. Moreover, there is no menu, Barbot decides what they are … Continue reading

L’ARC Paris

L’Arc Paris Restaurant, Bar and Nightclub is the place to be seen in Paris nightlife.  This refurbished restaurant has a progressive interior design for the swankiest of Paris and lies in the shadow of the Arc de Triomph. The view while eating the meal of Chef Antony Germani (ex- of L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon) is … Continue reading

Orange Amère

Bigarrade, also known as an Orange Amère is an out-of-the-way (culinarily and geographically speaking) restaurant located in North-west of Paris. On a rainy day (almost hurricane-like), a trek to the northwest of Paris seems a bit absurd, but not when you’re going to see Christophe Pelé (and his second in command Giuliano Sperandio) in action and taste his no-choice … Continue reading

A Perfect Spring in Autumn

Spring, by Chicago-born Chef Daniel Rose, finally confirmed a reservation for lunch today, a very rare occasion at that – as it is almost impossible to get a reservation for the next 3 months! After class, a few of us took the metro up to the tiny but modern restaurant holding no more than 30 … Continue reading