Between Bites

Having lived in San Sebastián for over a month now (pause – wow has it already been a month?!), I must admit I have thrown myself into the pintxos scene here. I think I have tried more pintxos than I can handle and now I know where the locals go, what a specific pinto bar serves … Continue reading

Pamplona – Iruña

One of the wonders of living in Spain and Europe is that all cities are easily accessible, either by car or train. That’s exactly what I did, took advantage of both the routes (and nice weather) to explore some of Spain’s best gastronomic cities. My first stop was Pamplona. Pamplona (Iruña in Basque) is a medium-size … Continue reading

Au Passage

Another wine bar/restaurant has opened in Paris and already has received rave reviews; Au Passage focuses on natural wine and small plates which are easy on the wallet and a great place to sit back with friends for a fun evening. I got lost 3 times trying to find the restaurant in the narrow street … Continue reading

Le Baron Rouge

Wine Bars are a great way to find your hidden niche and blend with locals in Paris. They are also great venues where the food is enjoyable. Le Baron Rouge has come to be one of the outstanding wine bars I have been to. Right off, the Aligre market nearby, you’ll spot a crowd of … Continue reading

Mirama – A taste of home

Having not returned to Asia, especially Hong Kong, in 4 months can be proven to be particularly difficult on the mind but also on the stomach. Being mainly on a French diet, I thought it would be a good idea to get some Cantonese into my system. Mirama proved to be the place – a … Continue reading


If you know me well, you know how much I love pork. Like actual L.O.V.E kind of love. I love all parts of the pork: head, ears, belly, pork loins, pork chops, ribs, pork knuckle…you can make boudin noir, boudin blanc, rillettes, terrines, all kinds of lovely sausages, you name it! How can people not … Continue reading

Robert et Louise

Robert et Louise is a small restaurant, easily missed on the Rue Veille du Temple. Try not to miss this hidden gem for carnivores. The walls are adorned with kitchen utensils and pictures of the old days – makes you feel like you’re back in 1930s. In general, the decor is rather minimal, everything around you … Continue reading

Le Garde Robe

Le Garde Robe, literally “closet”, is a small wine bar tucked in rue de l’Arbre Sec, across the street from Spring‘s shop, Spring Boutique. Many wine bottles line the brick walls of the narrow wine bar like a library of books. The wines in this bar are ‘nature‘ from independent labels, but you can find … Continue reading

Back to the motherland

I have been looking forward to this meal since well Saturday when a good friend of mine, Rebecca mentioned this Chinese restaurant that served hot pot (both spicy and normal). Now the only times I’ve had it was in Hong Kong and in Shanghai so was definitely looking forward to keeping warm, especially now that … Continue reading

Coco & Co

Sunday brunch in Paris is not a national pastime on Sunday mornings but there has recently been a surge in restaurants specializing in Brunch. Coco & Co, concept by Former fashion stylist Céline Parrenin and ex-music publicist Franklin Reinhard lies in the heart of the 6eme arrondissement, by St. Germain Des Prés station, devoted entirely to egg dishes.  … Continue reading