Formerly of Le Square Trousseau (pre-Costes brothers) and Le Crillon Hotel, Chef Philippe Damas opened Philou, a restaurant in the 11th arrondissement between the Canal Saint-Martin and the Hopital Saint-Louis.  Finding a good bistro in Paris is not hard, but Paris by Mouth named it the best value of Paris 2011 – must mean a lot … Continue reading

Les Cocottes de Christian Constant

Les Cocottes sits on a prestigious piece of land in a chic quartier of Paris in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower. An area not known for good-value restaurants, Les Cocottes is one of it’s kind in the neighborhood fully staffed of cooks running around the kitchen. The restaurant is headed by Christian Constant (who owns … Continue reading

Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie

After a shopping day at your local cuisine shops (e.g. Mora, Bovida, Simone and the likes), you can take a break at Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie situated next to Bovida. Before coming to Ferrandi, I had always passed by this restaurant/boutique and often saw many people coming out of the shop with bags filled with … Continue reading

Le Dauphin

We’re back with more news on Chef Inaki Aizpitarte, who to some is a culinary genius and an up-and-coming Chef on the Parisian food scene, while others think it’s just all overrated.  I’m not an adoring fan of Chef Inaki but his cooking is good.  I’ve blogged about the Chef previously, after my visit to … Continue reading

Bistrot Paul Bert

I have heard a lot about Bistrot Paul Bert as many’s favorites for traditional french food. There’s good reason for that. The menu changes seasonally and it’s a carnivore’s paradise (including yours truly) including hure de cochon, côte de porc, entrecôte, steak aux poivres among others.  The restaurant is rather rustic looking, a traditional French … Continue reading

La Chaumette

La Chaumette is one of those hideaway restaurants only known by locals of the neighborhood that they keep secret themselves from others in the 16th arrondissement. You won’t find tourists here, just friendly neighbors serving traditionally french dishes that one’s grandma might make on a Sunday afternoon. This bistro reminds me of a grand aunt’s living room, … Continue reading

Le Grand Pan

Tucked in the 15th arrondissement, Benoit Gauthier’s Le Grand Pan unfussily and deliciously serves up superb meats (pork, veal, lamb, chicken even bambi!) A fantastic local bistro in the 15th district under the Young chef Benoît Gauthier who trained at Le Troquet has come up with a way to satisfy carnivorous appetites. Yes, it’s all about … Continue reading

La Cagouille

In the past 10 years I’ve come and gone to Paris (wow I sound like an old lady), well anyways, this was the restaurant that my parents would bring me to. Don’t expect to find any meat, this is a temple of seafood, featuring the culinary arts of Southern Bordeaux. None of the fishes have … Continue reading

Back to the motherland

I have been looking forward to this meal since well Saturday when a good friend of mine, Rebecca mentioned this Chinese restaurant that served hot pot (both spicy and normal). Now the only times I’ve had it was in Hong Kong and in Shanghai so was definitely looking forward to keeping warm, especially now that … Continue reading

La Régalade

La Régalade is synonymous with Yves Camdeborde who created a restaurant serving haute-cuisine at low prices. Though he left it in the hands of Bruno Doucet, born into a family of hunters, in 2004 (and went on to create Le Comptoir – please see my comments on this restaurant) who is still visited by many … Continue reading