Ronin Hong Kong

It took me a while to get around to Ronin. It’s the new hot spot. The same team behind the hipster-mecca Yardbird, opened this culinary hidden gem in the streets of Sheung Wan. Perhaps I was blinded by the wonderfulness that of its’ bigger sister, Yardbird, which I have been to many times, but failed to blog … Continue reading

Tim’s Kitchen

Located on Sheung Wan’s Jervois road, this private-kitchen has made an international name for itself (along with 2-Michelin stars). Chef Tim Lai, former head chef of Hang Seng Bank, opened this very busy classical Cantonese restaurant; a style which is very hard to find in its most traditional form and very tasty as well.  I … Continue reading

Tsui Wah 翠華餐廳

Happy New Year!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful countdown with family and friends and wishing you all a prosperous 2011! As always, the only thing I want to talk about is…food.A trip to Hong Kong would not be complete without joining the locals (and I mean all locals – from celebrities, business tycoons … Continue reading

Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant 竹園

Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant 竹園 has been around for a very long time, with a second branch in Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon side. My parents have been going to this restaurant for more than 20 years and I probably have been going since I was 5. This is a local seafood restaurant that serves … Continue reading

You can take the girl out of China but you can never take China out of the girl: Dinner at Wu Yueng Chun Shanghai Restaurant (滬揚川上海料理 )

As much as I love Cantonese food, Shanghainese food is one of my top weaknesses. I grew up eating my grandmother’s cooking that she cooked when she was a young girl in Shanghai and everytime I go to Shanghai, I really cannot get enough. Shanghainese cuisine is very different from Cantonese.  Shanghainese food refines food from … Continue reading

Sun Tung Lok 新同樂

Sun Tung Lok  新同樂 (shark fin) restaurant  is the world’s second 3 star Michelin Chinese restaurant after Lung King Heen (Four Seasons Hong Kong). It is the newest addition to the Hong Kong Michelin star group. Yesterday, I did a review of 3 star French restaurant Caprice (Four Seasons Hong Kong) and thought it would be interesting … Continue reading


Last night, I was blown away by my dinner experience at Caprice, 1 of 3 restaurants in Hong Kong and the only French restaurant in Hong Kong, to receive 3 Michelin stars. If you ever come to visit Hong Kong, I strongly recommend this restaurant (Need I add that reservations are a must?)  Caprice is led … Continue reading


I haven’t had proper Italian food in a really long time, especially living in Paris where I’ve just immersed myself in French cuisine. I think it’s been more than 6 months, and for me, that’s a really long time. Sadly, I’ve only realized this now but that’s probably why when my friends suggested Cecconi’s, I … Continue reading

Zuma: Hong Kong

And so the blog continues to post culinary delights from abroad; for the next 2 weeks, we will get a taste of the what Hong Kong has to offer…let the tasting begin! I have heard of Zuma for several years, when it opened in London, Istanbul and recently in Hong Kong and Dubai. Before I … Continue reading