Home Creations: Summer Issue

Home Creations: Summer Issue features seasonal ingredients of summer which include (but are not limited to) peaches, tomatoes, baby vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, eggplant, turnip, salmon, squid and lots of herbs. Good news and Bad news..Which one do you want first? Let’s start with the good news…Good news, the dishes created of course 🙂 … Continue reading

Paris, 6.30, etc.. etc…

I apologize in advance for not posting this weekend but I haven’t done anything interesting – in the culinary sense of the word until today. As for last friday, our group baked based on dough, and we made quiche lorraine and tarte a l’oignons. Unfortunately due to lack of humidity, the dough was very crumbly … Continue reading

A taste of home

As a change of lunch scenery, venturing outside school ended up as a good idea with a visit to a little shop called Bagels and Brownies. The small shop had a queue of students outside…No wonder, they served an array of bagels of your choice (plain, sesame, onion, cheese, blueberry among many others) and a … Continue reading

It’s just eggs rights?

Before I get in on today’s antics, yesterday we made 3 great salads based on grains.The first was quinoa (seed-like grain) related to beets and spinach. It is mostly found in the Andean region in South America and it has great nutrients in it and can act as a protein on its own. The second was … Continue reading

Coco & Co

Sunday brunch in Paris is not a national pastime on Sunday mornings but there has recently been a surge in restaurants specializing in Brunch. Coco & Co, concept by Former fashion stylist CĂ©line Parrenin and ex-music publicist Franklin Reinhard lies in the heart of the 6eme arrondissement, by St. Germain Des PrĂ©s station, devoted entirely to egg dishes.  … Continue reading