Les Fines Gueules

In culinary school, we’re told that not only does our cooking techniques matter, but for French food to be truly good, it should consists of the freshest available produce so that ingredients shine. I believe that Les Fines Gueules (an equally cozy wine bar and perhaps what might be the best steak tartare in Paris), … Continue reading

La Chaumette

La Chaumette is one of those hideaway restaurants only known by locals of the neighborhood that they keep secret themselves from others in the 16th arrondissement. You won’t find tourists here, just friendly neighbors serving traditionally french dishes that one’s grandma might make on a Sunday afternoon. This bistro reminds me of a grand aunt’s living room, … Continue reading

Rien d’Impossible en Brest

For our Anglo voyage, we went on a 3-day school trip to Bretagne (Brittany) in north-western France, particularly around Brest (the most western tip of Europe, also known as in the Finistère department). Though Brittany is best known for its Breton crêpe, its main culinary feature is seafood…and we ate a lot of seafood – scallops especially…actually, we … Continue reading

Le Grand Pan

Tucked in the 15th arrondissement, Benoit Gauthier’s Le Grand Pan unfussily and deliciously serves up superb meats (pork, veal, lamb, chicken even bambi!) A fantastic local bistro in the 15th district under the Young chef Benoît Gauthier who trained at Le Troquet has come up with a way to satisfy carnivorous appetites. Yes, it’s all about … Continue reading

The last recipes of the Ferrandi chapter…

So sad that these are the last entries of my time in culinary school. Ending with a lot of meat (including beef, pork and lamb) – which I can’t complain about 🙂 Entrecôte grillée, Beurre persillé, Pomme croquettes (Grilled entrecote with parsley butter and deep-fried potatoes) Steak sautés Bercy, pommes cocotte (Steak with Bercy sauce – … Continue reading

Last Restaurant Service…

I can’t believe it’s the last restaurant service of our school year. We’ve done 7 in total! All of them were a lot of work, hectic, but a fun learning experience – only that it’s about 30 % of the reality of the real working kitchen – something we will all encounter in the coming … Continue reading

Noël in Hong Kong

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas lunches and dinner, and were able to spend it with families and friends.As for me; a very close family friend invited me to showcase culinary skills that I acquired during my time at Ferrandi. I know I’m fresh out of culinary school and am … Continue reading

Bowrington Wet Market

A 5 minute mini-bus drive down/10 min stroll to Causeway Bay leads me to Bowrington Market. A local Hong Kong wet market that has existed for years. I almost grew up going to this market many times a week.Here, there are local fruits, vegetables, meat and fish street stalls being sold to the public. It’s … Continue reading

Sixth Restaurant Service

We’ve arrived at our last week of school (of the year 2010) at Ferrandi and our last restaurant service of the year as well. We’ll have one more when we get back in January but for me I already feel a bit nostalgic…It was a bit different this week; though dinner service was the same. … Continue reading

Osso Buco à la Milanaise

Today it was our last meat recipe of the year (2010) and we ended on a good note, with osso buco.We fried it then finished cooking it in the oven with stock, onion, and tomato and presented it with mushroom and ham julienne and compote of tomato, accompanied by spaghetti.