Zuma: Miami

Every time I return to Hong Kong, I always make room on a Sunday to devour Zuma’s Sunday brunch. Here, the deal is unlimited champagne, sake or red/white wine, with an open buffet at the sushi bar and robata counter followed by 1 choice of main dish (meat or fish) and ends with (if you … Continue reading

SUSTAIN Restaurant + Bar

Sustain, in Midtown Miami, opens its doors in December 2011. Another new kid on the block, it rivals against the much-loved Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill next door. But here, the concept of the restaurant is: sustainable, seasonal, and simple. The focus on sustainability is supposed to encompass both the food and the physical space. When … Continue reading

How can you leave Hong Kong without having Dim Sum 點心?

Dim sum 點心 is a Cantonese term that involves small individual portions of food, usually served in a small steamer basket or on a small plate. Going for dim sum is usually known in Cantonese as going to “drink tea” (yum cha, 飲茶). The word yum cha, is also the name of Adeline Grattard’s restaurant in Paris, which is fitting … Continue reading

Coco & Co

Sunday brunch in Paris is not a national pastime on Sunday mornings but there has recently been a surge in restaurants specializing in Brunch. Coco & Co, concept by Former fashion stylist Céline Parrenin and ex-music publicist Franklin Reinhard lies in the heart of the 6eme arrondissement, by St. Germain Des Prés station, devoted entirely to egg dishes.  … Continue reading