Finding a wine bar in Paris isn’t such a hard thing to do, but having a GOOD wine bar, not overpriced, serving great wines, is. I tend to think wine bars, nowadays, sort of pressure you into ordering a full meal, but thankfully at Epure, this is not the case. I’d call Epure more of a … Continue reading

Japan, Part 2: Kyoto

Kyoto is just a short train ride away from Osaka, approximately 24 minutes on the JR (governmental) train line. It does not seem like you’re in another big city as you just pass by neighborhoods of houses. What you do notice, however, is less skyscrapers and more traditional monuments and buildings.  Walking through Kyoto, or … Continue reading

Japan, Part 1: Osaka

I am still surprised I haven’t slipped into a food coma. I’m alive and well and I am able to tell the tale of my gastro tour to Japan. My trip there wasn’t so much planned as it was spontaneous especially in terms of eating. People go to Japan for several reasons, to hike mountains … Continue reading

A weekend in Taipei

Taiwan may be a small island, and has had its share of fights between China on its independence but its eating habits has been shaped by its history. It is, what you may call a ‘melting-pot’ of regional Chinese cuisines, mostly from eastern China. But equally, you cannot describe Taiwanese food without mentioning that it … Continue reading

Grom: Il gelato come una volta

Summer in Paris. What’s better than ice-cream to cool you down? Paris has been blessed with many ice-cream shops to please both locals and tourists alike but the Italian chain Grom, which opened its doors in 2008 has positioned itself as a competitor to the top ice-cream shops in town notably Amorino and Berthillon. On … Continue reading

Candelaria: Taqueria and cocktail bar

It has been long time since I had Mexican food. And I didn’t think I would find any good ones in paris. However, Luis, the chef and owner of Candelaria proved me wrong. He himself was tired of mediocre Mexican fare and decided to open up his own taqueria. The store at 52 rue Saintonge, … Continue reading

La pâtisserie des mes rêves

As today was a short day in school, I thought it would be worth venturing down the road on 93 Rue du Bac in the chic 7th district (right behind the Bon Marché) to Philippe Conticini’s pastry shop called La Pâtisserie des Rêves. I have seen the pastry shop on many blogs and on http://thecoolhunter.net, a … Continue reading

A taste of home

As a change of lunch scenery, venturing outside school ended up as a good idea with a visit to a little shop called Bagels and Brownies. The small shop had a queue of students outside…No wonder, they served an array of bagels of your choice (plain, sesame, onion, cheese, blueberry among many others) and a … Continue reading