Noël in Hong Kong

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas lunches and dinner, and were able to spend it with families and friends.As for me; a very close family friend invited me to showcase culinary skills that I acquired during my time at Ferrandi. I know I’m fresh out of culinary school and am … Continue reading

Onto Seafood

Today we moved onto soups that were fish/seafood based and did a Crème Dieppoise (made from fish stock and roux and added with mussels) and a Bisque (from crab).For the Bisque, we had to cut in quarters live crabs – some of them were still moving, one even pinched me before I decided to get back my revenge … Continue reading

A fishy day

So today we did a Fumet de poissons  (fish stock) and Soupe de poissons accompagnée d’une sauce rouille. The fumet itself is pretty straight forward but it was dealing with the fish that made things messy…We had 4 differents types: congre (sea eel), rougets grondin (little red fish), merlan, and sole (i think) and we … Continue reading

A fine week of soups

As the 3rd week is coming to an end, we’re getting closer to Friday and Le Menu Provençale. Every other friday, our group will be cooking a 6-course lunch (accompanied by wine) and we’ll sit down altogether and eat after we cook and place all the dishes. I’ll put up the menu and photos of … Continue reading

Second week realization

Can’t believe it’s already been 2 weeks since I started this whole adventure. It’s a bit surreal to be honest!My thumb is slowly healing and the cut is closing itself little by little but every time I’m holding a pot, I can feel a strain making it difficult for it to heal. Luckily we have a … Continue reading

Week 2: Potage and more

Midway through week 2 and I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! Time passes by so fast (I guess when you’re super busy!)On Monday, we got a first look at Pastry class, and though we did not plow through some recipes, Chef Jamard showed us exactly what we were going to make in the coming weeks! … Continue reading