Japan, Part 3: Tokyo

My self-guided food trip around Japan led me to my final destination, and capital of Japan; Tokyo. Tokyo is an eclectic city, filled with a mix of old and new, high tech gadgets and cartoon mascots. It was even more crowded than Osaka and Kyoto (probably combined) and it’s wackyness never leaves you bored. A … Continue reading

Japan, Part 2: Kyoto

Kyoto is just a short train ride away from Osaka, approximately 24 minutes on the JR (governmental) train line. It does not seem like you’re in another big city as you just pass by neighborhoods of houses. What you do notice, however, is less skyscrapers and more traditional monuments and buildings.  Walking through Kyoto, or … Continue reading

Japan, Part 1: Osaka

I am still surprised I haven’t slipped into a food coma. I’m alive and well and I am able to tell the tale of my gastro tour to Japan. My trip there wasn’t so much planned as it was spontaneous especially in terms of eating. People go to Japan for several reasons, to hike mountains … Continue reading

A weekend in Taipei

Taiwan may be a small island, and has had its share of fights between China on its independence but its eating habits has been shaped by its history. It is, what you may call a ‘melting-pot’ of regional Chinese cuisines, mostly from eastern China. But equally, you cannot describe Taiwanese food without mentioning that it … Continue reading

DINNER by Heston Blumenthal

The latest establishment by Heston Blumenthal lies within the marbled walls of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the posh Knighstbridge area of London. Since its opening in 2011, it has created a wave of excitement similar to his three Michelin starred Fat Duck at Bray. Blumenthal’s success in ‘transforming’ 13-14th century food won him his … Continue reading

Peru: Land of the Inca

As my plane took off from Lima Jorge Chavez International Airport, the night was clear, house lights were lit up and I could see mini fireworks throughout the entire city of Lima being sprung to the sky. It was midnight, on December 24th. It was something that I had never come across; coming from Hong … Continue reading

Wrapping it all up in São Paulo: Melting Pot of Brasil

As one of the world’s biggest metropolises, São Paulo looms large over both the country and the continent. Sampa, as the locals call it, is the cultural capital of Brasil with a diversity of attractions including museums, concerts, restaurants and bars. Paulistanos (inhabitants of the city) believe in working hard and playing harder, and despite constantly complaining about … Continue reading


When friends heard I was coming to Brasil, I was told to taste the food at Maní in São Paulo. Helena Rizzo, who heads the kitchen alongside her Catalan husband/chef Daniel Redondo is one of the best chefs in Brasil today. I am inspired by her unlikely route to the culinary industry as like me, she started … Continue reading

Mato Grosso: The Wild Wild West

It was in Mato Grosso (‘thick forest’) where explorers, indigenous hunters, gold seekers and nature lovers came together. Today the state is divided in 2: in the north, the state of Mato Grosso and in the South Mato Grosso do Sul, both home to Brazil’s spectacular wildlife. The Amazon gets all the glitz and glamour … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes: Banzeiro

Inaugurated in December of 2009, Banzeiro already won culinary awards before completing its’ first year. In command of the restaurant is chef Felipe Schaedler, 24 years old and originally from Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil. After completing ICIF culinary school, he moved to Manaus in 2007, the same year his family opened the Italian Pizzaria … Continue reading