Le Camion Qui Fume

Like most American Expats in Paris, there are times when I crave things you can only get back home. BBQ, buffalo wings, a corn beef sandwich, and yes…a burger too. Sure, you can find burgers in Paris, you can find them on just about every menu but they’re usually average at best and geared towards … Continue reading

Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink

(Gen-u-ine) [jen-yoo-in] – adjective: authentic; real; free; free from pretense; affection or hypocrisy; sincerity This is what chef/owner Michael Schwartz envisions at Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink; an indoor-outdoor restaurant at the heart of Miami’s Design district. For him, it’s about food that comes from heart, not haute cuisine. It was also from hearth, that … Continue reading

A taste of home

As a change of lunch scenery, venturing outside school ended up as a good idea with a visit to a little shop called Bagels and Brownies. The small shop had a queue of students outside…No wonder, they served an array of bagels of your choice (plain, sesame, onion, cheese, blueberry among many others) and a … Continue reading