Azul at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Azul is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s signature restaurant. With a beautifully built white marble open kitchen and raw bar, and floor to ceiling windows providing picturesque views of the harbor, you become speechless. Beautiful display of the wine selection At Azul, Chef Joel Huff blends modern European flavors with American influences. A native from California, … Continue reading

Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink

(Gen-u-ine) [jen-yoo-in] – adjective: authentic; real; free; free from pretense; affection or hypocrisy; sincerity This is what chef/owner Michael Schwartz envisions at Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink; an indoor-outdoor restaurant at the heart of Miami’s Design district. For him, it’s about food that comes from heart, not haute cuisine. It was also from hearth, that … Continue reading

Sola par Hiroki Yoshitake

In the shadows of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, lies Sola; that is Sola by Hiroki Yoshitake, a refined and creative Franco-Japanese restaurant lying in the short rue de l’Hotel Colbert. From outside, nothing special is felt about the restaurant. Once you enter, however, the polished and modern decor immediately takes your breath away and that’s when … Continue reading


Tonight we enjoyed a meal at Pascal Barbot’s 3-Michelin star restaurant, L’Astrance, a small and 25-seat venue in the 16th arrondissement. Formerly from L’Arpège, Barbot’s kitchen brigade contains many Asian influences, particularly Japanese, Thai and Chinese, which comes out in each and everyone of his dishes. Moreover, there is no menu, Barbot decides what they are … Continue reading


 As much as I wished to have yamt’cha (literally ‘to drink tea’, equivalent to what is known as dim sum) in Hong Kong right now, I have yet to find a restaurant that reminds me of home, until I came to 1-star Michelin restaurant Yamt’cha by Adeline Grattard. I wouldn’t go as far as to … Continue reading

Paris, 6.30, etc.. etc…

I apologize in advance for not posting this weekend but I haven’t done anything interesting – in the culinary sense of the word until today. As for last friday, our group baked based on dough, and we made quiche lorraine and tarte a l’oignons. Unfortunately due to lack of humidity, the dough was very crumbly … Continue reading