La Cagouille

In the past 10 years I’ve come and gone to Paris (wow I sound like an old lady), well anyways, this was the restaurant that my parents would bring me to. Don’t expect to find any meat, this is a temple of seafood, featuring the culinary arts of Southern Bordeaux. None of the fishes have fancy sauces or elaborate techniques, the fish and seafood are prepared and presented as naturally as possible. 

The menu is presented on a white-board and changes daily, according to what’s fresh at the fish market and serves to a variety of palettes.

To start, we had an amuse-bouche of coques (cockel clams) in a warm buttery broth. 


Anchois frais et persil en friture (Fried anchovies and parsley)

Crevettes roses vivantes poelées minute (Live pink shrimp, pan-fried)

Palourdes de claires crues (Fresh raw clams served on a bed of small stones)

Salade mélangée et haddock (Mixed salad with haddock fish)


Dos de St. Pierre grillé, beurré et Cerfeuil (Grilled and buttered John Dory)

Blanc de Mulet “au vert” (Mulet fish with Spinach)

Sauté de joue de Lotte, Sauce anchois (Cheek of Monkfish, Anchovy sauce)


Dos de Dorade, Farci Tapenade (Grilled seabream and olive paste)

The service is very good, efficient and friendly. The food was very flavorful and the price-value is very fair. A very homy feeling to the restaurant is also felt and the crowd remains local after so many years.

Definitely a  lovely & delicious dinner at La Cagouille.

La Cagouille
10 Place Constantin Brancusi
75014 Paris, France
01 43 22 09 01

Metro: Gaîté

3 Responses to “La Cagouille”
  1. R.Valli says:

    i love seaaa food, those pics seems fucking AWESOME…. im hungryyy ahuahuhauhah

    nice blog J, lov it..

  2. Hi Jade
    thank for your recommendation, I went there and wrote about it in my blog, mentioned you as well
    you can read about my visit here:


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